Samples of Compositions and Arrangements
By Floyd Richmond
Tune for Two Guitars

Original Piano Theme

Jazz Piano Solo for A-Train
These are a links to an “improvised” piano solo which I wrote for “Take the A Train.”
Orchestral Introduction to Holy, Holy, Holy (with electronic instruments)
Fanfare for Brass Quintet (Fantasy on Joy To the World)

Theme and Variations for Brass Quartet (Amazing Grace)
Bach's Little Fugue in G Minor (Tuba Duet, J.S. Bach, arr. Floyd Richmond)

Asymmetric Meter Conducting Test
Blues Duet
This is a link to a simple original blues duet that I wrote upon first using NoteFlight.
The song is titled, Blues for Two Trumpets, but the arrangement on NoteFlight is set to flute and clarinet, which give better MIDI sounds.
Carol Of The Bells - arranged for Brass Quartet
Comprehensive Contemporary Popular Arrangements and Compositions:
I and/or my students (under my supervision and editing) composed or arranged over 40 songs in popular styles, illustrating each decade since the 1940s.  The book, Learning Music Using GarageBand on the iPad, was published by Alfred in 2015.  You may find links to the lead-sheets and wav files for those songs here:

40s Blues (for illustration)
50s Doo Wop (for illustration)

60s Rock (Note: by Derrick and Katie Baughman under my direction)

70s Classic Rock (for illustration)

80s Dance Music (Note: by Derrick and Katie Baughman under my direction)

90s, 00s Rock Ballad (for illustration)
Original Worship Songs
For one, see this:
Notation lead-sheet for one:
Comprehensive list:
Theory Worksheets:
Original Jazz Tune - Written March 27, 2016

Additional material available upon request.