Pinellas 2015

Technology Resources for the
Elementary Music Classroom

Overview of Weekly Activities

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Quick and Easy Recording

Mac Laptop/Desktop: Audacity

Mac Laptop/Desktop: Audio Recorder
Here is a link for the free audio recorder. :-)
Crystal Berner

iPad: QuickVoice

Cloud: Music First - Big Red Button

Hardware: Handheld Recorders

Sol, La, Mi Songs

Download the songs in various formats:

See "Good Morning Boys and Girls" on NoteFlight:

Recorder and Other Songs

Download the songs in various formats:


Class Activities:


Choral Curriculum:
Code Instructions:
Demo runs full features for four days after activation.



SightReadingFactory Demo:
Codes for demo:
pcsbteacher, pcsbteacher
pcsbstudent1, pcsbstudent1 (through 20)
Demo runs full access for two weeks beginning June 15.


Holiday Sing Along

From Crystal Brenner's dropbox.

Other Web Apps

Singing Classroom

iPad App Demo - Tuesday Afternoon

These are the top picks by Pinellas County Elementary Teachers - June 16, 2015.

Drum Machine - Free
Use for K - steady beat on class entry,
Grade 5 have students compose beats

Educreations Interactive Whiteboard
Similar to Doceri and/or SmartBoard - Free

Carnival of the Animals

Four Seasons - Vivaldi

Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra

Blob Chorus Ear Training

Auto Rap

Recorder Master by JoyTunes
Does pitch/dynamic recognition for recorder notes - Free
They also make Piano Master (link is for Piano Master, Record Master link not found).

Do Re Mi Zoo
Works well with boomwhackers - Free

DoReMi 1-2-3 Lite

MSO Learn
maps orchestra, conductor - Melbourne Symphony Orchestra - Free

My Note Game
name notes on the staff, many levels - Free

Anyone Can Make Music
Basic Music Notation Program - Free

Mozart Dice Game

creates music videos with minimum input - $1.99

create music from videos and their sound. - create loops, record - $2.99
Like Plickers
A website for collecting student feedback - orchestra example demonstrated
Teachers use to create tests.

Magic  Piano by Schmule
Control rhythm/tempo of pieces such as Fur Elise

Type and the computer will speak

Classical Music Lite
Info about the composer, quiz
Is this the correct link?

piano app, shows fingering and teaches melodies

Easily create photo-animations

Staff Wars
Game for music fundamentals - $.99

BrainPop, Jr.
Introduction to music fundamentals in a sequential video format

Kids Jigsaw - Musical Puzzles
Assemble pictures of musical instruments from jigsaw pieces on screen.  Reinforcing collaborative activity.

Note Works
free app is C to G

Rhythm Cat

Treble Cats

Jazz Cats

Shown: Keynote presentation with links to recorder ensembles on YouTube
Nice ensemble
One person plays 5 voices (nice reverb and rich recorder sound)

How Music Affects Learning (Web Page)

Benefits of Music Education (Web Page)

Educational Music Technology (Web Page)


SmartBoard Notebook

Smart Notebook Express
Online Notebook player
Open and play existing Notebook files without installing Notebook on your computer.

Download Notebook templates for SmartBoard from their database of shared files.

Jeopardy - download the game

Connect Four - download the game

Classroom Feud - download the game

Dr. Jean's Songs - download the lyrics and songs (including 50 state song with map)


Wednesday Morning

Playing iPad Instruments (in-class demo)
iPad GarageBand (in-class demo)

(iPad Apps)
(Smart Notebook)
(Other Web/Cloud Apps)

Wednesday Afternoon

Laptop Notation (Sibelius)

(iPad Apps)
(Smart Notebook)
(Other Web/Cloud Apps)
Exploration iPad Apps


Thursday Morning


iPad Notation

ProLevel Audio
(ProTools 11 Demo - 30 Days)

*Anyone who creates an account at receives a 30-day demo of Studio One Professional 3, and a demo version of Notion. For the Notion demo, it is fully function but saving or exporting audio is disabled.

GarageBand Songs
(The Book

Laptop iMovie Review
iPad iMovie Review

Exploration for Show And Tell

Thursday Afternoon
Show and Tell

Show and Tell

Kendall K
Fifty-nifty states with flags - Developed by Kendall
Patriotic Presentation - Developed by Kendall
Contact Kendall for more info.

Steven R
Little Kids Rock:
This is an “up-and-coming" movement that is having a tremendous impact on music education across the nation.  I fully expect there to be an increasing influence from this group in years to come.  

Quaver Music -
Quaver has a lot to offer. On their web site, they have free games that students can play.  It’s worth the time to explore!

Tammy Folstad
Plickers Web Site:
Download Plickers for iPad:
Plickers - lets you do quizzes and get immediate feedback from each member of the class.  That and (demonstrated by Nadine) provide two great polling options for students.  Both permit formative assessment where the teacher may change the direction and focus of the class based on student performance and understanding, and summative assessment with a high degree of accountability for each student.  Plickers only requires one iPad for scanning student responses, but you do have to print and/or laminate numerous response cards.

Nadine J has many uses in the classroom, and your example of a quizz on Sing, Sing, Sing was excellent!  That, and Plickers (demonstrated by Tammy) provide two excellent polling options for students.  Kahoot it requires an iPad for each student, but you do not have to laminate and distribute laminated response cards.

Robin H
Jazzy Day:  $4.99 iPad App -
A great animated storybook with listening examples explaining the elements of jazz.

A web site about classical music.
Check out their many cartoon versions of famous operas.

Eli R
Circle game greeting with Sibelius connection.  Contact Eli for more info.

Loopy - iPad App - $3.99 - Records loops and lets you build a composition with many different layers.
Download on the iTunes Store:
See Jimmy Kimmel and Billy Joel using Loopy to perform, The Lion Sleeps Tonight:

Similar to Everyday Looper - iPad App -
Download on the iTunes Store - $5.99
Download on the iTunes Store:
Mario Demo with Everyday Looper -

Shannon G
Creative iMovie trailer (Corn Maze) was a lot of fun and shows some wonderful creativity.  Contact Shannon for more information.

Randy A
SmartBoard options - contact Randy for more info.

Quizlet - Great web site for creating quizzes, flashcards, and games for free.

Carol C
Snakes and Ladders -
4/4 Shuffle -
Carnival of the Animals -

Sing, Talk, Whisper, Yell -
What Do You See/What Do You Hear -
Fly Swatter Template -
Rhythm Koosh Ball -

18 New Musical Activities -

And more - contact Carol for more information

Joe S
Backup and restore your iPad:
A YouTube Video:

Backup and restore your computer using Time Machine
Apple Tutorial:
Restore your entire system using Time Machine:

Backup and restore your computer using CarbonCopy Cloner or alternatives to Time Machine:
The advantage of backing up with Carbon Copy Cloner is that your backup is immediately bootable on a new computer (usually), whereas time machine usually requires an afternoon for a restore.
Read this:
Download CarbonCopy Cloner:

Caroline S
iMovie Trailers
Creating an iMovie Trailer:

Mary J
Tips for using MusicFirst:
    Create one class per grade for easier use of the system
    Attach lessons to specific parts of the Focus on Sound.
See links at under MusicFirst.
Codes for demo (use within 2 weeks): 

Mary Lou C
Sushi Monster - Math Software with Music - free iPad App.
Rhythm Trainer - free iPad App.

Debbie F
Recording Class Raps with GarageBand - Contact Debbie for more info.
Online lesson planning made easy:

Kay M
Smart Notebook - How to attach sounds
Contact Kay for more information.

Amy F
Smart Notebook - How to attach sounds
NoteFunction - Developed by Amy
Reading Rhythm and Solfege - Developed by Amy
Contact Amy for more information.

Crystal B
Smart Notebook
First and Second Grade Notebooks - Developed by Crystal.
Contact Crystal for more information.

Jim S
Rhythm Cats - Perform and assess rhythms

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iPads in music education

iPads in the music classroom

Other iPad Apps to Consider
TinyScan (Take a photo and save and share a PDF - There is a free version and a $4.99 pro version.)